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Keynote Speeches


Ash is passionate about helping leaders and elite teams develop and implement strategies to adapt and win in today's increasingly complex world.

Through keynote and motivational speeches focussing on leadership and resilience, Ash shares many lessons learned from working with and leading high-performing sports, government and business teams in highly complex and hostile environments, where things very often did not go to plan.

Business Advisory and Consulting


Rely on us to provide bespoke consulting support to deliver increased effectiveness across your organisation by:

- Aligning and cascading strategy

- Increasing trust and resilience

- Improving decision-making

- Optimising operating rhythm

- Enhancing communications flow

- Fostering an adaptable mindset

- Empowering your people

- Developing leaders' skills

- Optimising crisis management processes

Mentoring and Coaching


We believe that adaptable and effective leadership requires the right mindset and behaviour. High performance is achieved when leaders develop a culture of trust, clarity of purpose, passion, shared context, alignment of values, and empowerment; all of which require constant leader attention,  development and nurturing. 

Let's discuss how we can help you develop the leadership skills necessary to grow in order for your teams and business to thrive.

How to better lead and serve

Ash Alexander-Cooper talks to Mark Leruste on the Unconventionalists podcast, Episode 119

Sky News Interview - ThereButNotThere DDay75 Campaign Launch

Sky News' Stephen Dixon and Gillian Joseph interview Ash Alexander-Cooper about the launch of Remembered's #DDay75 campaign - 19 April 2019

Business Crises - key considerations

Ash Alexander-Cooper talks to Ketchum CEO Jo-Ann Robertson about how businesses should face crises, including the importance of learning, adaptability, collaboration and clear communications.

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