Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE is a former Gurkha officer, combat helicopter pilot, Specialist Military Unit officer in the British Armed Forces, a wounded veteran and is a former Senior Partner at McChrystal Group, where he established and led the European practice.  Currently, Ash is responsible for developing international business and strategic partnerships for Palantir Technologies.

With a focus on leader development, talent management, and team-building solutions, Ash draws upon lessons learned from over 25 years’ experience leading and managing diverse multinational military, civilian, government, sports and other elite teams. 

As an international transformational change consultant and leadership development specialist, Ash has led stakeholder and client engagements across multiple sectors, including health, mining, retail, energy and finance. His areas of particular interest include: leading international business development and fortifying international relations; formulating and executing strategies and plans; penetrating new territories and winning sustainable business; facilitating complex operations on a global scale; and navigating challenging situations and complex environments.

At the strategic level, Ash has drafted ministerial strategy policy documents for both British and Afghan government departments and was Senior Special Advisor to the Afghan Ministry of Interior, where he wrote and implemented the National Crisis Response Policy, leading responses to high profile terrorist incidents. Operationally, Ash spent 82 months deployed in complex and often hostile environments, both in Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia, where situations rarely unfolded as planned.

Among his international honours and awards, Ash was appointed MBE in 2012, OBE in 2015, and is the recipient of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s Medal of Honour and Service, as well as the United States’ Bronze Star Medal and a United States’ Army Commendation for valour. Ash is also an international award-winning musician and has represented England and Great Britain in three different sports up to World Championship level.

Wounded both in Iraq and Afghanistan, Ash is passionate about ‘giving back’ and supporting those veterans and families less fortunate than himself. To that end, Ash is proud to support the following charities and non-profit organisations as Ambassador, Advisor and Board member: www.therebutnotthere.org.uk, www.promoteleadership.org, www.combatstress.org.uk and www.centerforempathy.org. In addition, Ash is a guest lecturer at King's College, London's Centre for Strategic Communications.